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Onorino Dell'Acqua, Eugenio Altieri and Efisio Cocco founded EXO.M electric in 1989, believing that Far East products would soon improve their quality to meet the safety and packaging standards of the European Market.
Thanks to a strong partnership with a selected group of eastern firms and a network of italian suppliers, Exo.m is still appreciated for its wide choice of automation products, without giving up the search for new areas to be developed.
In 2013 EXO.M electric acquired D&D elettrotecnica, a young and dynamic company which had been our partner for several years in the past.
This operation led to the joint of our specific experiences, optimized costs and, above all, gave our customers the chance to access integrated services.
In the second half of 2013, our company's structure expanded and recruited the whole specialized staff of D&D.
For details, please visit Services e Cabling Systems, areas of this website.

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